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Every piece of furniture is custom made to order and though only the most commonly requested woods and sizes are shown on this website, they can be easily changed. Please let us know the size you are looking for and we will redesign the piece ensuring the proportions remain the same. We are also available to help you decide which woods will best compliment the environment the furniture will be in.

The custom design center caters to the person that loves the style but does not see what they are looking for. Commissioning furniture can be an exciting creative process, a kind of collaboration between the client and the designer/maker. With Andrew Muggleton, the pleasure is in the process, from the initial discussions to the delivery of the finished piece. We will discuss your requirements, and then come back to you with a proposal. Your proposal will consist of photo realistic computer renderings as shown above and a detailed explanation of what you can expect, including design, size, materials, construction, finish and cost. There is an added fee for this service, which is put towards the cost of the finished piece.

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