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Wood finish options
Click on one of the swatches below to see the wood shown from different angles, in both Gloss and Satin, together with detailed information.
Wood Options and Finishes

We use 8 different woods as standard options which are shown above together with two standard finish options, which include Satin and Gloss. We have carefully selected these color choices to cover a broad spectrum from dark to light. We understand that you may have different requirements in your furniture projects and so we can also match a customers sample or use other species of wood. As an environmentally responsible company, we constantly strive to expand our selection of sustainable veneers and core materials.

Andrew Muggleton is a pioneer in the movement to using only sustainable, recyclable, and renewable resources for components, including work surfaces and wood products. Since 1999, Andrew Muggleton has purchased woods coming only from sustainable supplies. To qualify, the wood cannot be harvested faster than it is being replenished and Andrew Muggleton verifies sustainability of its wood supplies by working closely with suppliers.

Samples are representative of the material to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match. The natural characteristics inherent in wood cause variations in grain, texture, and color. The variations and subtle changes seen over time are values associated with natural materials.